Resort Hottub Supply

Everything You Need is Included…
NO Additional equipment, software or monthly fees!

Pool Watchdog


  • 24/7 Streaming Video to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Text and Email alerts to warn you of danger, or to let you know your loved ones are home safe.
  • FREE iPhone and Android APP
  • FREE Recoding Software for yor PC Included!
  • NO DVD required
  • Night Vision
  • Weather Proof for outdoor use
  • Motion Detection
  • Wireless
  • Can hook up to 30 Cameras to be viewed on your Phone or Tablet
  • NO Monthly Fees – NO Additional equipment to buy or maintain
  • Monitor 24/7 on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world, and turn the alerts on remotely only when you want them
  • Included: Can record snapshots or 120 second bursts of video on your smartphone or tablet, to capture cute moments or document events.
  • NO Computer required (camera has a built in CPU) (computer is required if you want to record the video)
  • Easy 5 Minute set-up
  • Part # 17001