Resort Hottub Supply

Set the mood, arouse emotion and relax your state of mind in the comfort of your own home spa or bath. Whether it’s romance, self-assurance or peace of mind - the emotional benefits of aromatherapy are very desirable.

  • inSPAration
  • Spazazz
  • Splash Limited Edition
9 ounce bottles are sold in all twenty-eight of inSPAration’s fabulous aromatherapy blends. Just add a few capfuls into your Spa or Hot Tub, or one capful into your Bath for that ultimate hot water enjoyment.
  • Apple Delight
  • April Showers
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Coconut Lime Verbena
  • Coconut Mango
  • Country Herbal
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Designer B
  • Designer One
  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • Forest Breeze
  • Gardenia
  • Hawaiian Sunset
  • Heavenly Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Joy
  • Lavender
  • Magic Musk
  • Peach
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Polynesian Paradise
  • Rain, Romance
  • Spaberry
  • Spring Bouquet
  • Tranquility
  • Tropical Island
  • Vanilla Twist
  • Watermelon

Wellness Collection
Rejuvinate your soul for the sense of well living with Hydrotherapies Wellness Collection, by inSPAration. Captivate yourself to be complete in your Spirit, Soul, and Body with our specially formulated Aromatherapy Fragrance Blends. Day Spa formulated to be used in any Hydrotherapy environment as well as Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi's, and Whirlpool Baths.

  • Joyous Bergamot
  • Soothing Cedarwood
  • Peaceful Chamomile
  • Calming Clary Sage
  • Energizing Ginger
  • Cleansing Green Tea
  • Relaxing Lavender
  • Uplifting Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rejuvenating Rosemary Citrus
  • Youthful Sandalwood
  • Cooling Spearmint
  • Refreshing Tangerine
inSPAration's ever so popular "Fish Bowl". The perfect clear plastic Pillow Packet display. Let the colors attract everyone who sees it. Available in inSPAration or Wellness Fragrances. Packed with 50 Assorted Pillow Packets. inSPAration
All of inSPAration’s fragrances come packed in our attractive ½ ounce, single use “Pillow Packets”. These little packets are a great way to sample all twenty-four of inSPAration’s fabulous fragrance blends. Just twist off the tip and add inSPAration into your next hot water escape.
Sampler Bags contain 6 assorted ½ ounce “Pillow Packets” in a netted bag. A great sachet of inSPAration’s single use trial packets. Available in inSPAration and Wellness Fragrances.

½ ounce Gift Packs are packaged in this attractive trendy vinyl bag. Twelve assorted ½ ounce “Pillow Packets” make for the perfect pack of assorted fragrances. A great gift idea or for your own personal use! Available in inSPAration and Wellness Fragrances.

9 ounce Gift Packs contain one 9 ounce bottle and five ½ ounce “Pillow Packets” of other aromatherapy blends in a clear oval tube. A great gift idea for that hard to buy person.

Crystals-Abundant With Therapeutic Benefits The crystals soothe away aches, pains, & sore muscles with all natural anti-stress relievers and anti-inflammatory qualities. FAMOUS FOR OUR AMAZING AROMAS, we now have 4 different aromatherapy lines designed to meet the needs of a wide range of demographics. PROVEN TO BE SPA SAFE the crystals will not clog jets, filters, are affect the water chemistry.

Elixirs-Rich With Skin Moisturizers The elixirs leaves the skin silky smooth. IMPROVE YOUR STATE OF MIND, our aromas are capable of transporting your senses anywhere from a serene to a romantic state of mind. SPA SAFE the elixirs are oil free, they will not clog filters or jets, & willl not affect the water chemistry.

Original Crystals (17 oz.) & Elixirs (9 oz.)

Sweet Pea Apple CrystalsSweet Pea Apple Elixir

Sweet Pea Apple

Coconut Vanilla CrystalsCoconut Vanilla Elixir

Coconut Vanilla

Eucalyptus Mint CrystalsEucalyptus Mint Elixir

Eucalyptus Mint

French Vanilla CrystalsFrench Vanilla Elixir

Warm French Vanilla

Honey Mango CrystalsHoney Mango Elixir

Honey Mango

Pina Colada CrystalsPina Colada Elixir

Pina Colada

Pink Grapefruit CrystalsPink Grapefruit Elixir

Pink Grapefruit

Tropical Rain CrystalsTropical Rain Elixir

Tropical Rain

Escape Crystals (22 oz.) & Elixirs (12 oz.)

Grapefruit Orange CrystalsGrapefruit Orange elixir

Grapefruit Orange

Green Tea Peony CrystalsGreen Tea Peony Elixir

Green Tea Peony

Kiwi Pear CrystalsKiwi Pear Elixir

Kiwi Pear

Lavender Palmerosa CrystalsLavender Palmerosa Elixir

Lavender Palmerosa

Pomegrante  CyrstalsPomegrante  Elixir


Paradise Fruits CrystalsParadise Fruits Elixir

Paradise Fruits

Verbena Lime Coconut CrystlasVerbena Lime Coconut Elixir

Verbena Lime Coconut

White Musk Jamine Vanilla CrystalsWhite Musk Jamine Vanilla Elixir

White Musk Jamine Vanilla

Element Crystals (17 oz.)

Breeze Crystals


Earth Crystals


Flame Crystals


Fire Crystals


Garden Crystals


Mist Crystals


Water Crystals


(No Picture Available)


Set The Mood Crystals (17 oz.)
The Hottest New Line Explicitly formulated to enhance your INNERMOST DESIRES. This new line was an ENORMOUS HIT at the recent Las Vegas Pool l Spa l Patio Expo. The most comman comment from dealers was, "My customers have been requesting aromas just like this!"

Appletini Crystals


Love Potion #9 Crystals

Love Potion #9

Margarita Crystals


Pina Colada Crystals

Pina Colada

Strawberries N Champagne Crystals

Strawberries N Champagne

Sex On The Beach Crystals

Sex On The Beach

Chocolate Lovers Cocktail Crystals

Chocolate Lovers Cocktail

Instant Escape Spa Beads Tempt your senses with this delicious infusion of tropical aromas. THE SPA: Simply insert net with beads into your spa dispenser or toss directly into the spa. Let the exotic aromas whisk you away! THE HUMIDIFIER: Simply place mesh net with beads into the water. Ahhhh, enjoy the therapeutic waters! THE VACUUM: Simply sprinkle Spa Beads on carpet and vacuum. Voila; your room will fill with a pleasing aroma. CAR SACHET: When you hit the road leave the stress behind with an amazing aroma that fits your mood. Just breathe!

Aruba Orange Spa Beads

Aruba Orange

Bahama Berry Spa Beads

Bahama Berry

Capri Colada Spa Beads

Capri Colada

Calipitus Spa Beads


Figi Apple Spa Beads

Figi Apple

Jamaica Nilla Spa Beads

Jamaica Nilla



Splash Limited Edition 19 ounce bottles.
Comes with a scoop
Splash Crystals
  • Earth - Lavender Garden - relaxing
  • Mist - Cucumber Melon - refreshing
  • Honey Mango - Exotic - exhilarating
  • Energizing - Summer Fling - energizing
  • Pomegranate - Fresh Linen - calming
  • Kiwi Pear - Pear Berry - soothing
  • Breeze - Lemongrass - mood enhancing
  • Flame - Sage & Citrus - stimulating
  • Water - Juniper Breeze - healing
  • Sweet Pea Apple- balancing
  • Garden - Apricot Freesia - uplifting
  • White Musk Jasmine Vanilla - Woodland Pear - invigorating